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Kenyon’s population of international students has increased exponentially in the last two years. Where before the staff of the Center for Global Engagement (CGE) had a small enough cohort that they could spend a lot of one-on-one time with new students during the summer before their first year at Kenyon (25 students, 5 staff members), now the volume of questions – and the need for reassurance – is simply too large (64 first-year students last fall).

Staff member Pamela and rising-Sophomore Raul have begun to work on materials to help international first-year students prepare for International Pre-Orientation, regular Orientation, and the challenges that will await them during their first year of liberal arts education in a new country and setting.

Pamela came in to the CIP workshop with a new print piece already in progress with Raul.

But, there are so many interesting resources to help reach students who learn in different ways (and help the CGE look more up-to-date) that Pamela and Raul hope to put to good use. Here are some ideas that Pamela has played with the last few days on various ways to share information in creative ways:

The idea of posting pictures with a short narrative would be a much more effective way to help students introduce themselves to one another than the massive (and clunky) reply-all email that has been used in the past. 

Some of our older students may enjoy creating messages or soundscapes for new or prospective students to listen to like a little podcast.

And, Raul is particularly excited about the idea of using video in all sorts of ways. Here’s a sample “tour” of Middle Path, but we’re hoping to do interviews and panels with international students on campus for new students to watch.

The opportunities are endless!