As part of the thinking of ways to tie a course together, consider the subject matter itself, and what kind of “genre” or setting or metaphor might match the subject matter.

For example, a film class might be thought of taught as if it were an independent movie house. A geophysics class might be done around a Jules Verne-like “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. A history psychology methods class might be some kind of museum with exhibits representing experimental approaches.

Now see if you can find an (open licensed please) image, photo that might have the feel for the kind of setting this genre suggests. Places to look for such images include:

See also the activity Image Seeking for Fantastic Visual Metaphors to help you locate images that are not literally described by search keywords.

Keep track of the location of the image for adding to your response to this make. If you need a place to store the image so you can link to it, you can use the Storied Collector.

It need not be perfect, just something that might represent how you can perhaps see this space.

For the example here

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