Can you make a short story in audio, using just sounds (no voices you find online or record from sounds you can find around you, or create)? Can you somehow tie into into your Workshop topic?

Create a short story- meaning a sequence of events which convey a sequence of events and some sense of action. You can use objects you can find around you (rustling paper, drinking glasses, keys, computer keypads ), or manufacture sounds by using your own body (footsteps walking, the sound of knocking on a door). Or you can download them from sound effects sites- we recommend:

The first part is to make an outline of about 5 steps in you story that you will needs sounds for.  For the example in this make, the theme was “Getting Away” and the outline might have looked like:

  • Keys picked up (sigh)
  • House door closes, walking to truck, open door, engine starts
  • Engine stops, door opens, footsteps out
  • Waves lapping, birds
  • “Plop” keys tossed in water

The sounds for these were mostly recorded into a smart phone (the plop sound was improvised by a bar of soap dropped into a toilet), the birds came from Freesound.

Assembling these will depend on what software you have available. Audacity is one of the better ones for the computer (and is open source, hence free) for multitrack editing. Here is a how to video on doing this kind of project in Audacity.

You might also be able to edit clips together and publish with the web-based Bear Audio tool.

Once you have created a sound and exported it as mp3, we suggest uploading it to SoundCloud (If you use a SoundCloud URL in the response form, it will display as an embedded media player as shown in this example) but you can also put it on a Google Drive and make the link public.

When you add your Sound Effect Story, do not give away the story by the title! Make the listeners try to guess the story.

Example for "Sound Effect Story":

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