With some relatively simple tools, in a web browser you can bring old photos forward in time and send new photos backward. What story can you create by crossing their paths?

Start first with finding and downloading a black and white photo that might be relevant to your course tying idea, maybe your own, or maybe from Public Domain Review or the Library of Congress Digital Collections (or any other source of open licensed images). Try processing that image via ColourizeSG, an experiment in using artificial intelligence for adding color to black and white photos, and save a copy of the new version. How does the image change with suggested color?

To go farther, locate a color photo of a modern object or scene that can be connected with the location or content of the first photo. Try an effect like PhotoFunia Vintage Tool, LunaPic Retro Filter, or other image editing software you have have available to make the modern photo look much older. Save that photo tool

If you have done both of these you will now have four photos, an old photo made new, and a new photo made old. See if you can assemble them into a single image collage, perhaps with the Photo Collage tool. You can post this to somewhere you can share via a link, such as the Storied Collector, to add here as your response. What kind of story can you create / suggest with these image effects?

For some other interesting ways to navigate via old images and perhaps create storytelling activities, see:

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