One of the more interesting creative paths are working within constraints.

In this one, you are asked to use Five Card Flickr Stories –a site for practicing creating stories from random images– to generate a possible theme, topic, narrative path for a course you are thinking about. Use the images as symbols, prompts, not illustrations, to construct a possible path your course might take, that contains an element of storytelling story shape– mystery, suspense, challenge, a journey.

The source of images are from the photo sharing site flickr, all drawn from a single tag to create a pool of over 10,000 images.

Five random photos are first presented, the task is to pick one to start a story. Then you get five more, and you pick the second photo for the story. This is repeated until the end, when you have a string of five photos.

The creative part is then adding a title and a bit of narrative to stitch them together. For this Make, we ask you to weave something that ties into your thinking of creating some kind of narrative or thematic arc for your course.

Start a story round now– Deal me my first five photos!

For a different variation, use someone else’s iteration (either below or from the Five Card Flickr gallery of stories) and use the option to tell a different story from the five images someone else used.

Example for "Five Photo Arc Stories":

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