Congratulations! You’ve been hired by your favorite fantasy world to create a radio ad for the imaginary business or event of your choice.

Or perhaps you have been hired by your dean to create a radio ad for your newly designed course with a narrative arc.

Be as creative as you can and background music is highly encouraged. Simply give all the details about the business or occasion or course and maybe even create a clever slogan to go along with it!

For the example here (created by a DS106 student), they made an ad for Linus’ Pumpkin Patch / the Great Pumpkin Festival from PEANUTS, however yours can be anything you wish!

We recommend stripping background music from a youtube video and recording your voice/putting everything together in Audacity, Garagebandm or a similar application. Afterwards, go ahead and string some photos together to create a movie file that can be easily shared on YouTube or just upload the audio to SoundCloud.

Based on a DS106 Audio Assignment.

Example for "Fictional Radio Ad":

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