You must have some interest, hobby that is extremely fascinating to you. As a teacher, it may likely by the subject area you teach. How can you communicate that to others in a way that makes it abundantly obvious?

Try here a simple combination of an image that represents the interest with a short bit of text on top, e.g. a meme image. You see them all time being shared; go one step further here and make it yourself.

First, you need an image. The best choice is your own photo. Take a photo of something that represents the topic, maybe even in action. Or, try to find an image that represents it.

Before you reach for the handy web search tool,   think first about what might work as a representational image, maybe not a literal one.  What is something used in the subject or what people do in it that make it special to you? Do not just grab any photo you can find via a Google search, use an site such as PixabayUnsplash,  Pexels or the Creative Commons search to find compelling photos that are openly licensed for you to reuse.

Save that photo to your device (along with the web address and the name of the site where you found it).

For my example, I used my own photo I store in flickr

There are hundreds of web sites and apps we can use to create meme images; for this Make we suggest the imgflip Meme Generator or

Skip all the common used images and click the button for Upload Your Own Image.  Then use the editing tools to add the text on your image, including “the most fascinating thing in the world“.  Try some of the editing tools to change the color, font-size, etc. Make it POP.

imgflip editor with the two text fields that read "smile" and "Photography: The MOst Fascinating Subject in the World" entered and also placed atop a photo of a camera lens

Editing the meme, open “more options” for more editing tools.


Save the image, then copy the URL imgflip (or any other tool) provides where anyone can see it. You’ve now made an original meme from your own photo.

Now let’s share it by responding to this Make. In your response, share the link to the image and why it best represents your special subject.



Example for "A Meme for the Most Fascinating Subject in the World":

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After you do this make, please share it so it can appear with other responses below. If your response exists at a public viewable URL, you can add the information directly to this site.

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