Historic posters from previous centuries make food fodder for re-editing into a modern context. What kind of message might you use form a propaganda poster?

You can find these from collections like the Library of Congress, Wikimedia Commons or a few other collections you might find elsewhere. Look mainly for the message that you find that might fit your concept for your arc tying course approach.

It’s not necessary to actually do the graphics work to edit the poster, just find a poster that might work, and in your response explain how you would like to re-edit it. We can discuss approaches to this in the workshop, or maybe it can be an assignment for your students?

For the example in this Make activity, I searched google images (with options for results licensed for reuse) seeking an image to represent “Going Back to” (search terms going back propaganda poster) this was meant as part of a campaign to encourage participants to return to an offered professional development program.

Here was the original poster, which would be enough to share as a response below. But see the example for the one that was edited in PhotoShop to change the message.

Based on the DS106 Propaganda Posters assignment.

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