This site includes a collection of media making activities for the Tying Your Course Together with a Narrative workshop at Kenyon College.

This bank provides a platform for offering not only the activities for the participants to browse and choose themselves, but also collects the responses to them as examples to others.

This instance is based on the DS106 Assignment Bank this is a similar approach to teaching media courses that allow participants to choose from a collection of various assignments, and as well, for anyone to add new ones to the collection.

We are using the name of “Makes” following the maker movement and specifically CLMOOC Make Bank

For The Storied Make Bank, we are organizing them into media types:

  • Image Makes – Create, find, and edit photos and graphics to represent your ideas visually or as metaphors.
  • Audio Makes – Create, find, and edit audio content to express your ideas as sound.
  • Video / Animation Makes – Create and find quick videos or simple animations to represent your ideas as moving media.

How To Find Makes to Do

Explore from the front page in the media types or just see what happens when you spin the random link.

How to Respond to a Make

Look for the blue Add A Response button below the description of the Make.

Produce or find a link to your work as a public URL. If you are on twitter, almost any media or link can be wrapped inside a tweet, and that URL can work for your response. Also, make use of the Storied Collector site for uploading images or animated GIFS, the link created can be used as your response too.

But more than sharing what you created, please also write a short description of the idea, how it was created, any influences, and attribute any media you maye have used.

How to Add a Make

Click that Add Make button! A key aspect of creating a creative challenge might be called “dog fooding” meaning that you know only have to explain and outline the instructions for a Make, but you also have to produce an example of a response.