In the previous days we’ve explored a narrative or a thematic thread to weave across a course. Even if the idea is hazy, today we make an attempt to at least frame it as an idea (or even a rejection) to pitch to some visitors from the Campbell Consortium at the end of today’s activities.

1. Departure

Refine the draft concept to work with. Give it a title, and assemble any media you created previously that might support it.

Shared Notes added to bottom of day 2

2. Initiation

Media Making. Explore and create rapid video or animations as media metaphors that might describe your pitch. Find these in the Kenyon Storied Make Bank

Draft a Pitch. Frame your idea with any details, possible activities, tools, media into a written pitch to share. Publish in the “pitch” site

Arc Tank. In 3-5 minutes pitch your course tying concept (or a reason why it won’t work) to our visiting panel from the Campbell Foundation. They come only to give constructive advice if you decide to carry out this as a plan.

3. Return

This is the end of this workshop journey. But here we also plan with anyone wishing to carry out the idea how to help you implement it.

Image by Bruno Gl├Ątsch from Pixabay

May 17, 2019

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