Perhaps a narrative thread for a course does not fit your approach, design, methods. The Campbell Consortium is not limiting the focus to fictionalized approaches of course tying.

Perhaps a theme, a central question, or even a course spanning project (a bit larger than the course itself) might serve as the means to tie a course together.

We can of course use the same Hero’s Journey cycle of exploration by starting in the known world, exploring the unknown, and returning. Might we be changed?

1. Departure

The Narrative Thread idea– viability? scope? metaphors?

Notes. Let’s keep track of ideas, resources together as we go– open notes:

2. Initiation

Other Means of Course Tying?

A Subject Fitting theme.

Central Question, Tension.

Non Disposable Assignments. Contribute to public knowledge.

Collective Group Publishing. Magazine. journal, show.

Wikimedia Projects. Not just articles!

Pitching First Draft Ideas

Start trying to develop a few sentences as a possible “pitch” for how you might arc your course together. You can choose to create this in two ways (or both)

(1) From yesterday’s image media making activities, find/create a visual metaphor that relates to your current thinking in the Kenyon Storied Collector, and include your pitch as the description When adding your entry, use the category First Ideas- Metaphor Hunt.

(2) As a demo of basic audio editing, we will see how to do this as a mini audio edited version, complete with elevator sound effects- this is the Pitch It in an Elevator audio make.

From Here at Kenyon College

Kenyon professors share there on efforts with storytelling assignments and non-disposable assignment projects.

The Sounds of Media Makes

Explore the ways audio media might be a tying force for your courses. Find these in the Kenyon Storied Make Bank

For most of these makes, you will be creating audio files, best saved as mp3 format. To create a public URL to use in your response, we recommend:

  1. Upload to a free Soundcloud account, more or less like YouTube for audio. When published, use the URL for your soundcloud audio as the example.
  2. Upload your file to the SPLOTbox demo site, more or less like the Collector for audio and video. When published, you can use either it’s URL or the download link URL for a way to share the audio.

3. Return

Recap today’s journey. Does a thematic thread resonate more than a narrative? Are any themes / approaches emerging? Do you have some media already that you might use to write up your pitch tomorrow?

Image Credit: Image from page 341 of “Bobbins of Belgium; a book of Belgian lace, lace-workers, lace-schools and lace-villages” (1920) flickr photo by Internet Archive Book Images shared with no copyright restriction (Flickr Commons)

May 17, 2019

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